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Event Application and Approval System


City of Richmond used to have a traditional paper system for event application.  When someone wants to host an event in the city of Richmond, they will fill out a paper application form.  The information will then be distributed to different city's departments and services for their discussion and approval.  This is a long and tedious process that involves a lot of papers, emails and phone calls. 

City of Richmond is looking for a more effective way to document this process so that it is easy for event organizers to apply for hosting events in Richmond, centralize all documentation and to make the approval process easy and transparent for all parties involved.


Starting with an comprehensive online event registration system, an event organizer is required to fill out a detailed event application form.  Once it is submitted, the information is stored in a centralized database and reviewed by the administrator.  Through the system, the administrator will notify the appropriate city departments and services to review the application. 

There is a communication tool included in the system for the different parties to communicate with each other for gathering additional information.

In addition, there is a sophisticated approval system set up for the related city departments and services involved with the approval of a particular event.  There is also an overall approval system in place controlled by the administrator.


Since the launch of the tool in late spring of 2013, it has been warmly received by not only the event organizers but all involved parties (city departments and services).  The system provides all parties with a centralized location where everyone knows the status for each step on each applications.  It has streamlined the communciation and documentation process for all parties.


Technologies: ASP.NET, MS SQL database, Javascript, Jquery, HTML, CSS



"It has at least cut the administrative hours spent on event applicaton and approval in half.  We also cut back to 2 - 5 meetings a year vs the 10 - 14 meetings a year we used to have.

Claudia Gutierrez
Communiity Services - City of Richmond



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