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Online education plaform

The myKISON Sales Program is a collection of interactive selling skills courses. Based on step-by-step guidance plans designed to help individuals and corporations achieve their business goals. Ralph Kison, with over 25 years of field and classroom experience, has compliled an exclusive collection of videos, audio files and interactive exercises that allows users to quickly translate their learned skills into the real world knowledge.

When Ralph approached us with his idea of taking his proven Sales Diamond Program online, we were faced with a number of requirements.

User requirements:

  • User/Client account based system
  • Self directed
  • Accessible from dispered locations
  • Centered around rich audio/video instruction and dynamic interactive worksheets
  • Interactive self assesment tools, with immediate feedback on progress

Client requirements:

  • Realtime client/employee reporting
  • Purchase and distrubute licenses to employees
  • Ability to create/edit/delete programs
  • Ability to assign different programs to different users

Through a series of face to face meetings, we were able to define a clear scope that worked for both Ralph and our Developers.


  • A powerful interactive sales tool suited to working professionals
  • Rich content (HD Video, HQ Audio, PDF integration, Online Quizzes)
  • Flexible learning path to fit around busy schedules
  • Created editable content modules, so the client could update, maintain, extend the site on their own, without any additional development costs


  • MS SQL Database
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • MP4
  • Ecommerce