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Job Posting and Application System

James Cluer of Fine Vintage LTD is regarded as one of the world's leading experts on wine. Mountain Interactive had previously built his companies website where he offers WSET wine courses and tours.

In 2011, James, a Master of Wine, approached us with the idea of creating a recruitment website - a service to the wine and hospitality trades, with the purpose to connect employers with job seekers.

Through a series of face to face meetings, we came up with the following deliverables:

For Clients:

Post Jobs

  • Ability to Post/Edit/Remove a Job
  • Includes all Company information including logoing
  • Full Job details, including type, title, location, description and compensation
  • Create an Account

View Jobs

  • A seperate Job Board for Hospitality and Wine Jobs.
  • Easily searched by Types (Full Time, Part Time, Contract etc...)
  • Filtered by Categories (Vineyards & Cellars, Sales & Marketing etc..)
  • Ability to sign up for job alerts, so you will recieve an email whenever new jobs that meet your specifications are added or updated.

Carrer Options

  • Compiled list of Job descriptions written by the professionals that perform those jobs.
  • Includes average salaries and information on how to get one of these jobs.


  • The personal notes of James Cluer, Master of Wine


  • Listing of wine associations organzied by location

For Administrators:

  • Ability to review postings, and edit site content
  • Search job postings
  • Administer Job Alerts
  • Update add and delete directory listings.


  • SQL Database
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript

 The site is live, and currently has over 100 active listings!