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No two projects are ever the same, just as no two clients are ever the same. Over the years, through our experience, we find that if we can stick to the following steps, all parties involved will have a present experience throughout the project with a successful result.

Find out the facts

We are here to listen. 

It is important to understand the client's business situation and the intention of their project.  We will find out all we can about your customers, what they want and where they click. 

Create the plan

We develop the roadmap

We need to make sure we understand your business plan with the different levels of priorities, complexity and needs.  We are the expert in project planning.  We will study your needs carefully, identify the challenge, define the constraints and help the client to create the roadmap to success.

come up with a solution

Once we understand your goals and the challenge your customers are experiencing in reaching their goals, we will solve the problem by developing a method that is both cost effective and easy to use.

Define the stages

We will then break down the project into different stages with mini-roadmaps so that it is easy to understand the different steps and each party understand their roles clearly. This is the stage where we define all the specifications, identify necessary technical expertise and allocate all other resources.

Build the product

We build it right. 

We will show you progress for every steps so that you can review and make adjustment along the way.  It is not unusual to see out-of-scope items to come into sight.  This is where great ideas comes from.  We will help you to manage them.


Test, test & test

We make sure the product is ready before it is launched.  All testing, quality assurance and reviews are done within our testing environment. Client participation is vitally important in the testing process.  Once testing is complete, we will work with the client to deploy the site to a live production environment.

Maintain & continuously building

Once the product is launched, it is important to continue monitoring it.  By continuously evaluating the effectiveness of the site, we can make adjustments to ensure long term success.


For every successful project, there is always a good team with a good process behind it.