Grant Applications & Approval System

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This is a paperless tool for any governing bodies (municipalities, universities, foundations alike)  that receive a lot of grant applications .

It  has a public  facing interface for Grant Applicants to apply for grant.  Once the grant is submitted, the  system  has a built-in reviewing process  that allow administrators to review the information, Grant Reviewers to provide recommendations and Grant Council Members to provide decision.

It centralizes the entire process from the point of application, through the  approval process to  the final decision making in one place, creating efficiencies in documentation, control and communication resulting  in substantial time savings, freeing up resources for other areas.

This solution  was designed and built specifically to address  the different type of grants available, from a simple  straight forward grant application, to  multi-level amount with multi-year grant type format.  It is designed and built specifically to address the concerns of City Grants  Administrators.

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Our project was featured on
(Official magazine of MISA, Municipal Information Systems Association of Canada). 

City of Richmond Event Application and Approval System
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