Social Media Integration

The wave of social media buzz continues. What does it mean for you? How can your current marketing and web site content integrate with social media?

What is Social Media

Social media is a broad term that refers to the use of web and mobile technologies to make communication much more interactive. The most highly used social media technologies currently are Facebook and Twitter. Facebook is more of a personal blog and sharing site, where content and messages are shared between 'friends' or the public. Twitter is a micro-blogging site where each entry is restricted to 140 characters. On Twitter you can follow the postings (tweets) of other users or be followed. Google, with Google + is also trying to take some market share.

What does it mean for you

What does this all mean for you and your business? A simple advantage of using social media is that it allows your message to be on as many different platforms as possible. It also allows another way to communicate quickly and directly with those interested enough in your company who are following you on social media. Additionally, by linking back to your site content, it creates more relevance for your website for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes.

Social Media Content Distribution

Mountain Interactive specializes in automated content distribution to social media sites. New web site content like press releases is also posted automatically to your social media sites. A very good example of how helpful this can be is for Each time a new job posting is added to the web site, postings to Twitter and Facebook occur automatically. This has positively impacted traffic to where more referrals are coming through social media instead of through search engines.

Social Media Page Design

We also provide design for social media pages. We brand your social media accounts to match your web site or we can do something completely different and more edgy.  We have recently created a few custom facebook pages for 5 Peaks Adventures.  When it comes to look and feel of these pages, it is up to you and the type of clients you are trying to capture through social media.

Talk to us to see what we can do to get you part of the Social Media wave.


"Working with Mountain Interactive has been one of the most pleasurable aspects of my job. The entire team is great to work with, and helps with everything from day to day website maintenance to our big picture web ideas. Most importantly, they provide innovative solutions while working within our budget. Mountain Interactive is always just an email or phone call away and responds quickly to any unforeseen problems we come across.  I have come to rely on and trust the team there with all our web related business.

Brandi Schier, Marketing Coordinator - Customer Relations
Panorama Mountain Village