Web Applications

There are many types of web applications, here are a few we would like to talk about:

Content Management System

Dynamic web site content rules on the web. Businesses are becoming more and more engaged with social media and blogging to get their message out. Their web site content has to keep up. A CMS (Content Management System) is a web application that allows easy changes and additions to a web site with minimum technical knowledge.  You can add or make changes to your web site content to coordinate with what is happening in your business without having to pay a developer for every update.

At Mountain Interactive we take pride in providing clients with the right CMS for their needs. Sometimes we recommend custom CMS solutions and sometimes we suggest off-the-shelf CMS solutions. We have positioned ourselves to be able to focus on the needs of the client and not get too tied up in the delivery of the content.

We have implemented custom CMS solutions for clients like Support Worker Central, University Golf Club or 5 Peaks Adventures. These sites meet specific need for the clients and required a more custom solution. However custom solutions are not required for all clients so we have become experts in customizing existing solutions.


One of the leading CMS systems based on Microsoft Technologies is Umbraco. It is a very stable, open source platform that is not only user friendly but also developer friendly. It has a large online community, lots of documentation, and is positioned as one of the top Microsoft ASP.Net based open source CMS systems. 

We believe in this product so much that our corporate site uses it, that's right; the site you are on is based on Umbraco. We have also implemented for clients like BC Bike Race and Big Mountain Battle.


The Drupal CMS is a PHP based open source CMS system that is one of the most highly regarded used on the Internet today. It has a large developer community. It is very flexible in that it can be used for any type of web site, from blogs and forums to corporate web sites. It is very Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly. It facilitate collaboration between users. It is very stable. Panorama Resort leverages the power of Drupal to keep their customer up-to-date about the resort and conditions on the mountain. It has been very exciting to see what Drupal can do for such a complex site.

Server-Side Development

Mountain Interactive specializes in server-side development using a wide array of different programming languages and scripting languages. Most popular being ASP.NET and PHP. Using the latest technology and techniques allows us to produce the best solutions to fit your needs.

ECommerce System

We have done a lot of custom ecommerce systems from one off registration, online monthly subscriptions to shopping cart.  Depending on your budget, we will work with you and help you to select the best possible solutions.

We will also walk you through the maze of applying for an online gateway account, from applications to installations, we are with you every step of the way.  Following are a few ecommerce samples:

Stock Exchange Trading Data

Mountain Interactive have devloped a number of applications that are dependent on Trading Data. Using third party data providers, we have the ability to manipulate & display data to deliver custom, live updating trading tools.


"We have received amazing feedback from participants, volunteers, donors and sponsors regarding our site. I am confident this new site helped us secure new sponsors for the event because of the professional image it presents.

Lisa Richardson, President
Nilsson Foundation