Website Design & Development

Do you find your website without focus?  Are your visitors seeing what you want them to read? Effective design keeps the goals of all users in mind and prevents unnecessary obstacles. Your customers should be able to get your website message very easily.

Our creative team has the expertise to deliver your message effectively to your target market and to build a creative strategy that supports and meets your business objectives.

Designing for your users

We are experts in the area of website usability.  We have years of experience designing websites for a broad range of clients with a wide variety of users. We combine different techniques and approaches with different technologies (Interactive design, video, audio) to get your message across to your users effectively.

Designing with standards

We develop websites using the most up-to-date standards. The benefits to this are a reduction in costs and less complex development while increasing the accessibility and long-term viability of your website. 

Graphic design

With an average of 12 years in graphic design and over 100 successful web launches, we can proudly say we know how to communicate visually using text and/or images to present information, or promote a message. We employ a wide range of skills including typography, image development and page layout. The end result is powerful communication.

Rich media design

Team up animated, interactive applications with video and audio and you have a winning combination to communicate with your customers. We have all the skill sets required to help you to come up with a creative idea, build it and showcase it to your customers. Get ready for the "WOW" factor!


Great design includes great visual presentation, content and usability. Good copy keeps customers interested in your site and your business. The power of the right words combined with visual presentation send a consistent and strong message to your customers.


"Working with Mountain Interactive for the past 5 years has added to the overall success of my business and has allowed me to communicate both effectively and professionally in a timely manner to my customers.

Marc Campbell

The Yeti Snowshoe Series